About Us

Medical Clinic Administration

Welcome to Scale Education and Consulting, where we believe in empowering medical and aesthetics clinics to reach new heights of success. Our goal is to equip healthcare professionals and business owners with the tools and knowledge they need to thrive in an ever-changing industry. Through our fee-for-service and unbiased consulting agency, we provide a comprehensive range of services for medical clinic administration and business management that are tailored to the unique needs of each medical and aesthetics practice, covering operations, marketing, financials, and staff training.

Meet Our Founder: Dr. Maria Chuquer

At the heart of Scale Education and Consulting is our esteemed founder, Dr. Maria Chuquer. With a wealth of experience and expertise in both medical and business domains, Dr. Chuquer is a dynamic entrepreneur who has made significant contributions to the healthcare industry. Her unwavering passion for helping others succeed and her deep understanding of the challenges faced by medical and aesthetics clinics from her own experience as a clinic owner have driven her to establish this transformative platform. Dr. Maria Chuquer holds an impressive background as an Anesthesiologist, Aesthetics Physician and Obesity Management provider and also successfully manages and operates her own medical and aesthetics clinics for several years. Her journey in the industry has given her valuable insights into the intricate workings of medical practices and the crucial role of efficient business management and strategic planning. With her profound commitment to education, Dr. Chuquer is dedicated to imparting her knowledge and experiences to uplift others within the medical and aesthetics community.

Our Main Features

Focused on Medical and Aesthetics Clinics

We specialize in serving medical and aesthetics clinics exclusively. Our narrow focus enables us to delve deep into the intricacies of these specialized practices and tailor our services and marketing to meet their specific needs effectively

Comprehensive Range of Services

We offer a comprehensive suite of services to address various aspects of clinic management. From optimizing day-to-day operations to devising cutting-edge marketing strategies, from managing finances efficiently to providing staff training for exceptional patient care, our expertise covers every facet of running a successful clinic.


Our team of medical clinic administration experts works closely with business owners and managers to streamline processes, improve efficiency, and enhance overall productivity. We identify areas for improvement and implement sustainable solutions that lead to long-term success.


In a competitive healthcare landscape, effective marketing is crucial. We craft data-driven marketing strategies to increase visibility, attract new patients, and foster lasting patient loyalty.


Financial management is a critical aspect of running any successful clinic. Our financial consultants provide insights and strategies to optimize revenue, reduce costs, and achieve financial stability.


Staff Training

We understand the significance of a well-trained staff in delivering exceptional patient experiences. Our training programs are designed to empower clinic staff with the latest industry best practices, ensuring a high standard of care and patient satisfaction.

Fee-for-Service Consulting Agency:

At Scale Education and Consulting, we understand that every medical or aesthetics clinic is unique, with distinct challenges and aspirations. Hence, we operate on a fee-for-service model, allowing our clients to choose specific consulting services that align with their requirements. This personalized approach ensures that clinics receive targeted solutions and optimal value for their investment.

What We Promise

At Scale Education and Consulting, we believe that knowledge is the catalyst for growth and transformation. With Dr. Maria Chuquer’s leadership and expertise, coupled with our tailored services, we are committed to elevating medical and aesthetics clinics to new levels of prosperity and excellence.

Discover what Scale Education and Consulting can do for your medical or aesthetics clinic – let’s scale your success together. Reach out to us today at contact@scalemds.com to begin your journey towards a brighter and more successful future.